What's this comic about? 

Meena is a 14 year old Water/Air Elemental, a anthropoid being that is born with the ability to control up to two elements. They are raised in a school where they must choose a light or dark path. Aether is their creator, and he advocates the path of "Light" but gave his "children" free will. Once they complete their training, they are sent off into the world to rec havoc or establish peace. Usually, most Elementals choose the path of Light and fight the Elementals' sworn enemy, the Silhouettes of Erebus. Meena is an Elemental of Light and travels various dimensions righting wrongs in the name of Aether... but you soon find that something is just not right about her. This comic is pretty loose right now and anything can happen. I'm kind of making it up as I go!


Age: 14

Species: Elemental [Water/Air-Light]
Medium: Umbrella
Portal: Heart of Gold

Naïve, optimistic, curious, moody, stubborn, playful

Info: Meena is the main charcater, traveling worlds and enforcing her idea of "good" in the name of Aether!







More will be added as they are introduced! :D